Cartec Ceramic Guard - SiCarbon+ Coating

Ceramic Guard is a new breakthrough in the field of nano-ceramic coatings.
With this revolutionary product it is now possible to apply a very smooth, high-gloss and durable protective coating to the car paint in one step.

Ceramic Guard strengthens and increases the hardness of the lacquer, which greatly improves scratch resistance and fragility. The paint gets a visibly deeper shine and colour, combined with an "easy to clean" effect and a strong water repellent layer.

Once a vehicle has been treated with Cartec Ceramic Guard, insects no longer stick to the surface, paint is protected from road grime, salt, UV radiation, aggressive chemicals, acid rain and everything that would normally reduce the gloss and brilliance of the paint.

Cartec has been manufacturing professional polishing, maintenance and protection products for vehicles for more than 30 years. In addition to production and sales in the Netherlands, the products are used worldwide in over 50 countries. Each product is delveolped in our own laboratory in the Netherlands by experience specialists and then produced in house, this enables us to continuously produce innovotive products that meet the high demands of our professional customers.

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